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Stanford sends 155 student-athletes to the Pac-12 Academic Honor Roll

That’s 17% of all the student-athletes nominated across the conference

NCAA Football: Stanford Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to assume that in any sort of race for academic superiority, the Stanford Cardinal are going to be mentioned. For the 2020 spring semester, the Cardinal student-athletes were the most represented team in the Pac-12, sending 155 student-athletes to the 904-person Academic Honor Roll.

That figure of 904 student-athletes from the 12 conference teams means the Pac-12 teams averaged just about 75 student-athletes on the list. Stanford more than doubled the average by dropping 155 names to the academic honor roll, and for good reason.

The Pac-12’s release stated ‘any student-athlete on his or her respective team roster with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above, and who has served at least one year in residence at the institution, is eligible to receive all-academic honors.’ There was no longer a selection process to determine all-academic status, rather those guidelines were put in place and all who qualified, were named to the Pac-12 Academic Honor Roll.

For the sake of ease, and well simply because 155 is a lot of student-athletes, here they are, in list form, from the Stanford Athletics Department’s release:


Name Major
Brendan Beck Science, Technology and Society
Nick Bellafronto Public Policy
Zach Grech Management Science and Engineering
Austin Kretzschmar Undeclared
Justin Moore Undeclared
Jacob Palisch Computer Science
Zach Sehgal Science, Technology and Society
Luke Sleeper Science, Technology and Society
Tim Tawa Political Science
Alex Williams Undeclared
Jonathan Worley Human Biology

Beach Volleyball

Name Major
Kat Anderson Human Biology
Tori Ashkinos Undeclared
Maddie Dailey Neurobiology
Charlie Ekstrom Architectural Design
Chelsea Red-Horse Mohl Communication
Shannon Richardson Human Biology
Blake Sharp Computer Science
Amelia Smith Human Biology

Men’s Golf

Name Major
Freddie Lee Undeclared
Nate Menon Political Science
Ethan Ng Undeclared
Henry Shimp Science, Technology and Society
David Snyder History
Daulet Tuleubayev Undeclared

Women’s Golf

Name Major
Madie Chou Economics
Aline Krauter Undeclared
Mika Liu East Asian Studies
Calista Reyes Undeclared
Ziyi Wang History
Kelsey Zeng Symbolic Systems

Women’s Lacrosse

Name Major
Courtney Anderson Undeclared
Ali Baiocco Science, Technology & Society
Maggie Bellaschi Sociology
Natalie Bond Undeclared
Caitlin Chicoski Undeclared
Julia Cooper Undeclared
Katherine Gjertsen Symbolic Systems
Trudie Grattan Human Biology
Helen Johnson Undeclared
Kelleigh Keating Undeclared
Emma Knaus Product Design
Jacie Lemos Human Biology
Galen Lew Science, Technology and Society
Kira Lopes Management Science and Engineering
Gabby Noto Science, Technology and Society
Kyra Pelton Sustainable Design Engineering
Julia Persche Product Design
Chelsea Trattner Symbolic Systems
Alex Tsai Computer Science
Mikaela Watson Product Design

Men’s Rowing

Name Major
Martin Amethier Computer Science
Diego Baugh Computer Science
Tyler Baumann Undeclared
Ryan Cardiff Biology
Peter Chatain Undeclared
Jonathan Cogan Computer Science
Max Evans Symbolic Systems
Hassan Fahmy Computer Science
Paul Gorka Undeclared
Smith Graham Mathematics
Trey Holterman Computer Science
Nikita Lilichenko Symbolic Systems
Nick Mayhew Computer Science
Tyler Shibata Undeclared
Cameron Slovic Economics
Julius Stener Management Science and Engineering
Varun Subramaniam Biology
Drew Taylor Management Science and Engineering
James Wright Undeclared

Women’s Rowing

Name Major
Sophia Boyd-Fliegel Human Biology
Sarah Commesso Human Biology
Julia Cornacchia Science, Technology and Society
Megan Cvitanovic Human Biology
Azja Czajkowski Undeclared
Isabella Garcia-Camargo Computer Science
Grace Kelly Undeclared
Maria Kent Religious Studies
Kaitlyn Kynast Communication
Tassica Lim Computer Science
Sophia Lynn Science, Technology and Society
Grace McGinley Classics and Linguistics
Kelsey McGinley Undeclared
Kate Miles Undeclared
Eva Nates Undeclared
Miranda Nykolyn Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Ondak Communication
Nicole Pofcher Undeclared
Caroline Ricksen Undeclared
India Robinson Human Biology
Meg Saunders History
Maria Shcherbakova Computer Science
Abby Tarquinio Science, Technology and Society
Kayla Thomas Undeclared
Anja Zehfuss Human Biology


Name Major
Nikki Bauer Political Science
Kate Cressey Undeclared
Maddy Dwyer American Studies
Taylor Gindlesperger Undeclared
Hannah Howell Art History
Kristina Inouye Computer Science
Emily Klingaman Environmental Systems Engineering
Hannah Matteson Psychology
Molly Millar Undeclared
Kiana Pancino Product Design
Emily Young Undeclared

Men’s Tennis

Name Major
Axel Geller Economics
William Genesen Science, Technology and Society
Christian Kontaxis Biology
Tomas Kopczynski Undeclared
Kento Perera Computer Science
Alexandre Rotsaert Science, Technology and Society
Timothy Sah Computer Science
Sangeet Sridhar Undeclared
Dean Stratakos Undeclared
Sam Turchetta Computer Science

Women’s Tennis

Name Major
Emily Arbuthnott Economics
Sara Choy Undeclared
Michaela Gordon Science, Technology and Society
Emma Higuchi Human Biology
Taylor Lallas Economics
Janice Shin Science, Technology and Society

Men’s Track & Field

Name Major
Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau Undeclared
Julian Body Product Design
Callum Bolger Human Biology
Liam Conway Undeclared
Andrew Franco Undeclared
Keyshawn King Undeclared
Connor Lane Public Policy
Max McKhann Undeclared
Clayton Mendez Undeclared
Andy Monroe Undeclared
Alex Ostberg Human Biology
Alek Parsons Environmental Systems Engineering
Charlie Perry Undeclared
Thomas Ratcliffe Economics
Joshua Schumacher Undeclared
Miles Zoltak Undeclared

Women’s Track & Field

Name Major
Christina Aragon Human Biology
Olayinka Braimah Undeclared
Hannah DeBalsi Computer Science
Ella Donaghu Human Biology
Jordan Fong Undeclared
Mary Gillett Undeclared
Julia Heymach Public Policy
Jessica Lawson Human Biology
Erika Malaspina Mathematical and Computational Science
Kaitlyn Merritt Human Biology
Jordan Oakes International Relations
Lindsey Payne Undeclared
Valerie Przekop Management Science and Engineering
Kaitlin Ryan Management Science and Engineering
Sarah Walker Product Design
Allyson Weiss Undeclared
Carolyn Wilson Political Science