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NCAA Football 14 has new Stanford rosters

And because it’s Video Game Week at SB Nation — we’re starting all over!

We all know that I was running through a fake simulation of the past 2019 season with old, outdated rosters. I was doing such a thing because it was way too taxing to try to update all the necessary adjustments that went into editing rosters, coaches, etc.

Fortunately for all of us, however, we have a lot of other degenerates like myself that have kept this now-seven-year-old video game afloat for, well, seven years.

Without them and without the coronavirus pandemic, we likely wouldn’t have had updated 2020 rosters ahead of this season but we do! All 126 teams that are in the game have been updated to the 2020 roster and we’re unveiling them for the Stanford Cardinal on here tomorrow as we get things tidied up.

It just so happens that it’s SB Nation’s Video Game Week this week as well, so you had to know we were going to run it back.

This will now allow us to run through the entire 2020 season as close to accurate as we can make it. We can take a look at how these players for the 2020 season will attack the schedule as close as we can get that too.

How will Davis Mills fare in his first full season as the starter? Will we get 2018 versions of Paulson Adebo and Walker Little? Can Casey Toohill be replaced on defense?

All these things will be answered to the best of our simulations so be on the lookout for the rosters unveiling tomorrow.

Until then, anything live that goes down will happen over on Twitter — @CamMellor — so be sure to check it out over there.

And, of course, Go Card!