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New NCAA Football 14 rosters for Stanford — offense

The popular video game has been updated — and here’s the Cardinal offensive roster

As we mentioned earlier this week — we’re going to be running through an entirely new simulation of the popular EA Sports video game: NCAA Football 14. Though aging every day, we’ve still been able to obtain updated football rosters for the entire game including your Stanford Cardinal.

We’re going to do a full, first-run simulation through the season with all the new updated rosters and document some of the major findings. Until we do that, though, here are the updated football rosters for your inspection.

The Stanford updated roster for the 2020 season on offense:


Running Back:


Wide Receiver:

Tight End:

Left Tackle:

Left Guard:


Right Guard:

Right Tackle:

Is there anything that you’d change right away? How about on a second glance? Anything missing? Anyone glaringly off?

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Drop a comment below if something looks askew!