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Currently Cardinal, 6/29: Stanford student-athletes return to campus

Your Cardinal student-athletes are beginning their return to voluntary athletic activities

UCLA v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

The beginning stages of the Stanford Cardinal student-athletes’ return to campus have begun. While other schools in the state are struggling with recent news of Under Armour dropping their brand contracts — yeah I’m looking right at ya Cal and UCLA — Stanford has been able to quietly and productively bring their student-athletes back to campus amid the current ‘re-outbreak’ of coronavirus cases in the southeast.

So, with the quiet news of the re-opening of campus, what do we know? Well we do know that the state of California was behind the rest of the states in re-opening and while that may have put the big four teams in the Pac-12 behind the proverbial eightball, it did also mean that Stanford and the rest of the California teams were able to formulate their plans for re-opening perhaps a bit better and more cautiously than others.

The fine folks over at ESPN documented what you needed to know about the general nature of college football programs returning to the field. Take a look here.

This of course came after the NCAA Division I Council approved a six-week practice plan for football exclusively.

Despite those approvals, the state of California didn’t allow campuses to re-open to student-athletes or students, in general, until this past week. And here’s what we know about the Stanford-specific return so far.

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