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Stanford Sports Weekend Update, 8/16

The Cardinal athletes are still pushing for change

Arizona State v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

The Stanford Cardinal athletes aren’t seeing a cancelled fall season as a chance for rest. In fact, they’re pushing even harder.

The Stanford football players who helped orchestrate the We Are United players movement earlier this month are continuing their push for coronavirus planning, health protocols and more. After diving into a very revealing story from The Mercury News, it’s apparent now more than ever why the athletes were pushing for their health and safety amid a return to football during the global pandemic.

Quotes like these from Dylan Boles just don’t seem to sit right.

A Pac-12 North school was only testing student-athletes if they were symptomatic, and a Pac-12 South program allegedly told players to stand by an AC vent and retake their temperatures if they were initially registering fevers, Boles said.

As the clock is ticking on getting plans for a spring football season in the works, both Boles and Stanford CB Treyjohn Butler know a lot of change needs to happen still. As they push for a players’ union, they recognize that unity between the players in the Pac-12 is paramount.

“That’s where the players have to insert themselves,” Boles said. “A players association or an advocacy group is going to be vital to be able to have a say in those decisions. I think players having a voice and being able to be heard is very important. And I think it can only create positive change.”

And as for where they go from here, Boles also said that they’re not stopping here.

“Each team has young guys, they’re taking notes,” he said. “I definitely expect this to keep going.”

To read the full story — check out Mercury News’ full article by Daniel Wu.

Their season on hold, Stanford football players continue push for seat at the table

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