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Video Highlights: 3-star Stanford Commit, OT Jack Leyrer

Leyrer is the latest member of the CardClass21

Welcome to the Card Class of 2021, Jack Leyrer.

Joining the Stanford Cardinal in 2021, Leyrer made it commitment No. 11 for Stanford just this past week, committing on September 11. He’s a three-star offensive tackle from Dallas, Texas and plays at Highland Park High School.

While his season is currently scheduled to be played, we have some junior year highlights to take a look at the latest member of the incoming Card class for 2021.

Currently, Highland Park is scheduled to play their first game on September 26 against Westlake. We’ll update you on his season as it happens.

Until then, here’s some highlights from Leyrer’s career to date that we’ve seen and some we’ve haven’t seen yet.