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Video Highlights: Five-star Stanford commit Harrison Ingram

Take a look at why Ingram is the top recruit in Texas and the 11th-best prospect in the country

Harrison Ingram is the second five-star player to commit to a Stanford Cardinal basketball recruiting class in as many years and he’s got tons of talent to go around.

He ranks as the nation’s 11th-best prospect for the class of 2021 and is the best player in the state of Texas. His evaluation from the fine folks at 247Sports:

A unique prospect with what many would describe as an “old man” type of game. Ingram is one of the most intelligent kids in the country both on the court and off of it. He has a bright future in every aspect of life. On the court he is kind of a point forward who uses savvy, skill and intelligence to dominate games. Ingram can play on the ball or off of it, knows how to create space for himself by changing speeds, and is one of the better passers in the class. Also, despite not being a fantastic athlete, Ingram is a very solid rebounder, and competes on the defensive end. His elite IQ and skill make him one of the best prospects in the class, and someone who will exceed his physical tools as a player and producer.

So — what about the tape? Let’s hit the film to see why he’s ranked so highly, and get a nice taste of what life will be like with Ingram as a member of the Cardinal.