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A Time to be Heard

Black student-athletes at Stanford have created their own voice — a great piece by David Kiefer

It’s a time to be heard. And perhaps more importantly, it’s a time to hear. To listen.

In an impressive piece penned by author David Kiefer, the Stanford Cardinal are fortunate enough to have both of the above statements happening currently. They have black student-athletes who have begun to formulate their own voice to be heard. And through Kiefer’s words, there is a place to listen, a place to hear, a place to learn.

Attempting to summarize such an article would not do it justice, and as such, I will not attempt to do such a thing.

All I can do here is recognize the fact that this was an incredibly well thought out and well executed piece of journalistic evidence of just how you can be heard and how you can hear.

In the wake of what feels like yet another day of Black Lives Matter protests around an unjust killing, there is no need for discussion on politics here, and rather just hearing. Listening. Learning.

Take the time to understand and take the time to read this by Kiefer, it does everyone good.

Find it here:

A Time to Be Heard
Black student-athletes create a voice at Stanford

Thanks, David.