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10 Things One USC Fan Thinks About Stanford

His deal is discipline.
His deal is discipline.

Joey Kaufman of SB Nation's Conquest Chronicles offers 10 thoughts about Stanford following Saturday's 37-35 win over the Trojans. (Here are my thoughts on 'SC.)

  • Andrew Luck is a fantastic quarterback. A lot of 'SC fans were eager to call Barkley the better of the two signal callers; it's a toss up really, but there's no denying Luck's abilities (20-of-24 for 285 yards and 3 TDs). I guess now, it's to declare for the draft, or not to declare. 
  • What was most impressive about Luck, though, was his composure. What separates him from Barkley is that he has fewer head-scratching throws. As a general rule, he makes good decisions and takes care of the ball (see: the interception count). 
  • There were some questions as to the replacement for Toby Gerhart, but Stepfan Taylor looks more than capable. Granted, he was just a facing absolutely porous 'SC defense, but the sophomore ran for 100+ on the ground. The two-dimensional attack gave the Cardinal a definitive edge in this one, and Taylor looks like the back of the future. 
  • In general, thought the playcalling was great offensively. USC certainly has its fair share of struggles on the defensive side of the ball, and the Cardinal took advantage of them by spreading the field, giving the ball to its receivers in space, and exposing a lot of Trojans' defensive holes.
  • Harbaugh and company must have gameplanned well for Allen Bradford. A week ago, Bradford ran for 223 yards against Washington, but was held to just 33 yards on 13 carries a week later. He's a bruising runner, who was essentially ineffective against Stanford. I'm still trying to figure out what happened.
  • Can somebody explain what happened with the Stanford secondary? Robert Woods is good, but still, Barkley and the receivers had their way. I didn't expect the passing attack to be that seamless.
  • It's pretty clear that this is a Jim Harbaugh coached team. Stanford was well disciplined, and committed very few penalties with just 3 for 10 yards. Limiting mistakes, at least from my perspective, has always been his M.O.
  • I'm sure many of you feel differently, but I hated the penalty call on USC LB Chris Galippo on the final drive. Was the hit late, and after the whistle? Yes. Therefore, technically, it is a penalty. But I want to note two things. A.) The whistle was blown too soon, and almost initially after first contact. That was odd. B.) Why not let it slide? It was late, but Galippo didn't make much of an attempt to knock him down. Personally, it felt like a ticky-tack call in basketball while a shooter is attempting a 3-pointer. Just let it go; impacts the game too much.
  • I'm with you in regards to questioning Kiffin's decision not to ice the kicker before the final field goal. Sure, Nate Whitaker may be "un-iceable"," but why not give him more time to think about that last extra point?
  • What I did find rather strange after the game was the Stanford fans' decision to rush the field. Since when has a ten point favorite rushed the field after a home win?