CFB Compu-Picks Ratings, Week Seven


... 4) An especially noticeable team near the top of the list is Stanford, the highest-rated one-loss team (though Nebraska isn't very far behind). Essentially, they've played an extremly difficult schedule (as noted elsewhere, the AA game counts as a bye and doesn't affect the numbers), and done very well against it. Losing by 21 points to Oregon hurt quite a bit, but they've also had some extremely well-rated performances, especially the 35-0 rout at UCLA (which only looked better after Texas, who UCLA beat easily, won at Nebraska this weekend). I think the model is over-rating them, but I do understand why it has them there. Based on what we've seen from them so far, it's at least possible that they really are a top 5 team. And I do think that the BCS is underrating them at 12. A fair rating is probably 8th or 9th, midway between the Compu-Picks and BCS pegs. I'm OK with that level of model noise at this stage of the season.

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