CFB Compu-Picks Ratings, Week Twelve


... 4) After last week's games, one team has jumped into the mix at the top: the Stanford Cardinal, off of their dominating win at Cal, who had been extraordinarily good at home so far this year. That win jumped into the #1 spot of best wins of the year, leapfrogging TCU's dominating win at Utah a couple weeks ago. What's amazing about Stanford this year is how consistently dominant they've been against a VERY hard schedule (11 out of 11 1-A games were against AQ teams, 6 of their 10 1-A games so far have been on the road; and the Pac-10 has been VERY good in its non-conference results this year) - six of their 10 1-A games so far have been dominant wins: 35-0, 68-24, 37-14, 41-0, 42-17, and 48-14. Only a bare handful of teams have been more dominant than Stanford this year, and none of them have done it against tougher schedules (and only Oregon's schedule really comes close). To be perfectly honest, I can't think of a single team rated below them that I'd take to beat them on a neutral field. I am totally fine with the system having them at #4.

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