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Card Clicks: Orange Bowl Goodness

Here's a concise breakdown of the Orange Bowl to whet your appetite. | Gobbler Country

Toby The Van is dodging 18-wheelers en route to Miami. | TTV Blog

Nate Whitaker's game-winning field goal against USC, and Boise State kicker Tyler Brotzman's misses against Nevada, were worth millions of dollars. | SF Chronicle

Ted Miller breaks down the latest on the future of Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. | Pac-10 Blog

Connor Hutchton writes an open letter to Harbaugh, says he should stick around to turn Stanford into a football dynasty. | CHKE

Richard Sherman says the Cardinal's Orange Bowl experience is not about the trip, it's about the win. | Pac-10 Blog

Owen Marecic has about 220 Axe stickers on his helmet, more than any other player. |

Doug Baldwin considered leaving the team after a trying 2009 season. It's a good thing he didn't. |

Virginia Tech has only sold 6,500 Orange Bowl tickets through the school. | Gobbler Country

The No. 8 Stanford women's basketball team crushed No. 4 Xavier in its final tuneup before tomorrow's showdown with top-ranked UConn. C&R says, bring on the Huskies! | Daily Axe

The Stanford men's basketball team defeated Yale, 60-44, but Jeremy Green "rolled his ankle pretty good" and the Cardinal shot 10-for-22 from the free throw line. Stanford hosts Cal on Sunday. | AP