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Mustering Up Some Frustration About the Heisman Race

I don't bother with the rest of The Washington Times, but I enjoy the Sports section, and columnist Dan Daly is one reason why. Daly's most recent column, though, left me fuming.

In it, Daly describes the inexact science of filling out a Heisman ballot and equates comparing players at different positions, in different conferences, and in different systems to "comparing pumpkins to boysenberries, cantaloupes to nectarines." Spot on. Daly continues:

"And no matter how seriously you take this weighty responsibility, there are people out there who would, if they could, toilet paper your house because you didn’t back Their Guy. It gets pretty emotional in Heisman Land, what with everybody having his or her favorite. But as I always say: "Hey, don’t look at me. I didn’t vote for Gino Torretta."

I've tried not to get too wrapped up in the emotions of Heisman Land, and I've said I won't be upset if (when) Robert Griffin III wins the award, but count me among those who would like to toilet paper Daly's house. It isn't so much that he voted for RGIII, LaMichael James, and Tyrann Mathieu in that order. It's that Andrew Luck is mentioned as an afterthought in the final paragraph along with Kellen Moore and Matt Barkley, and some of the virtues Daly ascribes to RGIII apply just as much, or more, to Luck.

"To me, [Griffin's] that rare talent: a first-rate passer who’s also a superior athlete. Forget the stats. Plenty of quarterbacks — Keenum, Moore, Stanford’s Andrew Luck, USC’s Matt Barkley — have eye-popping stats. Just watch this kid play. There’s a gracefulness to him that you don’t often see. He moves gracefully, throws gracefully, seems at ease in front of a microphone. The others, I think, have a chance to be good in the pros, maybe better than good. Griffin has a chance to be an all-timer."

Forget the stats? If you forget the stats, RGIII might not be headed to New York.

Have you watched Luck play, Dan? Since you voted LMJ No. 2, I assume the answer is yes, but I hope you caught more than this year's Oregon game.

He seems at ease in front of a microphone? Luck is at ease at the line of scrimmage, calling plays from a playbook that would make the average NFL quarterback's head spin.

Luck has a chance to be "maybe better than good" in the pros? If you need me, I'll be at

The second commenter has it right: "How is it that you aren't describing Andrew Luck with those words. Every word is true about him, yet you don't seem to consider him at all."

Of course, Daly isn't the only one voter who left Luck off his or her ballot, and maybe he did consider Luck more than his column would lead you to believe. A friend of mine who has a vote tried to explain why he didn't include Luck among his top three: "Would I be voting for him just because he was the preseason favorite and looks like the No. 1 pick, or did he really, really impress me?"

Man, Heisman Land is a terribly frustrating place. I think I'll go back to not caring.

Stepfan Taylor for 2012 runner-up, anyone?