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Rule of Tree Podcast: Nottingham, Position Breakdowns, Pac-12 Bowls, and More


We're back for another Rule of Tree podcast! Thanks for the feedback on the first one, and please comment or tweet us about what you would like to hear us talk about and how we can improve our podcasts.

This one is a little long, so here is a rough breakdown of what we discussed:

  • Brett Nottingham transferring (start)
  • Position breakdown - defense (5:00)
  • Position breakdown - offense (20:00)
  • Position breakdown - special teams (33:30)
  • Position breakdown - coaching staff (38:30)
  • Mike McIntyre at Colorado (44:00)
  • Pac-12 bowl games (48:00)
  • Stanford men's basketball (56:45)
  • Stanford in the NFL (1:04:00)

Thanks for listening!