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Card Clicks: Ipsen Leads at Olympic Diving Trials


Stanford freshman Kristian Ipsen leads heading into the finals of the 3-Meter at the U.S. Olympic Diving Trials. | GoStanford

After losing his top three starters to the pros, Stanford baseball manager Mark Marquess will look to rearm next season. | SF Chronicle

The NCAA released the latest APR scores and Stanford's were, as usual, quite good. | College Hotline

Seven Stanford teams achieved perfect scores. The football team scored 977, best in the Pac-12. | GoStanford

If you want to browse the data, it's all here. |

Here's an excellent story on the 1920 United States Olympic rugby team, which included five players from Cal and nine from Stanford. | CGB

The Stanford football team is 7-6 against Top 25 teams since 2008. | Stanford Football Blog