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Favorite Olympic Moment - 1992 Dream Team

Radio host Steve Czaban does a feature during football season that I enjoy way too much -- Small School Beatdowns of the Week. Czaban combs the results of each weekend's games to find the most lopsided scores from Division II, Division III and NAIA games. Scores like Ashland 87, Lake Erie 17.

If I stumbled upon a game like that on one of the obscure sports channels available on Verizon FIOS (add the Pac-12 Networks, already!), I'd put down the remote and savor the ridiculousness of it all.

The original Dream Team, while sharing no qualities with a small school, delivered some serious beatdowns at the 1992 Olympics. For a 9-year-old who loved basketball and the good old U-S-A, it was a thing of beauty to watch. I have fond memories of watching track and field events from the Barcelona Games with my grandfather, but it was the Americans' dominance in basketball -- and Lithuania's tie-dyed apparel -- that I remember most.

Jordan, Bird, Magic, Barkley and Co. opened the Olympics by squeaking by Angola, 116-48. Croatia put up more of a fight in the Americans' second game, but the Dream Team was never seriously challenged en route to winning the gold medal.

The debate today is whether the 2012 Dream Team could take the 1992 version. My initial thought is no way, though MJ, Barkley and others have put on some weight.

I was happy to see Lithuania qualified for London. It won't quite feel like 1992 all over again, but Team USA -- even without Blake Griffin -- should be fun to watch.

What's your favorite Olympic moment?


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