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Card Clicks: Stanford Preps for Loud Crowd, Huskies

Stanford has been blaring music all week to get ready for Thursday night's game against Washington.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images


The Cardinal is prepared for a loud crowd at CenturyLink Field. Anthony Wilkerson will miss the game with a lower-leg injury, while freshman offensive tackle Andrus Peat had his cast removed. | Stanford Daily

Stanford boasts the nation's top-ranked rushing defense. | Stanford Football Blog

Episode 6 of "How We Do It" takes a look at Stanford's digital playbooks and freshman quarterback Dallas Lloyd's long road to the Farm. | GoStanford

David Shaw says Jordan Williamson has looked good in practice since his rough game against USC. | GoStanford

Jack Follman previews tomorrow's game. | Pacific Takes

The touchdown pass to Zach Ertz in the win over USC came on a play called "Trojan." | SF Chronicle

Stanford is second in Wilner's power ratings. And for the record, we both agree that In-n-Out > Five Guys, if only slightly. | College Hotline

The Pac-12 as cars. Naturally, Stanford is a badass, gas-guzzling truck. | Pacific Takes