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Bill Connelly Gives His Take on Where Stanford Is in the Pecking Order

SB Nation's own director of analytics weighs in on the Pac-12 and, more specifically, Stanford.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Connelly, the director of analytics at SB Nation and inventor of the S&P statistical model, joins host Matt Vassar on this episode of Cardinal CounTree. We talk a bit about how Stanford's offense is currently ranked even better than Oregon's, and what the pecking order is in the Pac-12. We also talk about why S&P isn't as high on Utah as some other projections. Matt also talks a bit about Stanford's upcoming game against reigning Pac-12 South champion, Arizona, and how Arizona has made a rapid ascension under current head coach, Rich Rodriguez. He also covers key injuries from both Arizona and Stanford, and comments on how they might affect the game.

Get in the CounTree. Click below to listen to Cardinal CounTree.