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2015 Stanford Cardinal Football: Stanford drops to 15 in both AP and Coaches Polls following Oregon Defeat

After a heartbreaking yet self-inflicted loss to Oregon Stanford dropped to 15 in both the AP and Coaches Poll.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Quite the shakeup in the Pac-12 Conference this weekend as both Playoff contenders, Stanford and Utah, were knocked out of contention. USC, Oregon, and Washington State climbed into the rankings following their wins. Stanford dropped to 15 in both polls and Utah dropped to 18 in both polls. Coach Shaw has conveyed that this loss is behind them and the focus in on winning the Big Game.


AP Coaches
1 Clemson (34) Clemson (28)
2 Ohio State (2) Ohio State (32)
3 Alabama (4) Alabama (4)
4 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
5 Notre Dame Notre Dame
6 Iowa Iowa
7 Oklahoma Oklahoma
8 Florida Florida
9 Michigan State Michigan State
10 Baylor Baylor
12 North Carolina North Carolina
13 Houston Michigan
14 Michigan Houston
15 Stanford Stanford
16 Florida State Florida State
18 Utah Utah
19 Navy Navy
20 Northwestern Wisconsin
21 Wisconsin Northwestern
22 USC Oregon
23 Oregon Washington State
24 Washington State USC
25 Ole Miss Ole Miss (T-25)
25 Mississippi State (T-25)