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2015 Big Game Week: Cal Bears at Stanford Cardinal preview with Mark Rogers TV

It's Big Game week. Nick Dempsey from joins MarkRogersTV to break down the Cal Bears and Stanford Cardinal as well as the Cardinal's quest to take the Pac-12 North division

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For Stanford it is simple, beat the Cal Bears and earn a trip to the Pac-12 Conference Championship Game. The Cardinal would also keep the Stanford Axe.

An excerpt from "A Brief History of the Stanford Axe":

"The baseball team was in need of a morale boost. So because the "Axe Yell" (an excerpt from Sophocles' 'The Frog') was popular at the time, yell-leaders bought a standard lumberman's axe, probably from Sears, and painted it red.

After Cal took the first game of the three-game baseball series, Stanford had a rally to hype up their fans, showing the Axe for the first time to behead a scarecrow wearing Cal colors. During the second game of the series, they would use it to chop up Cal-colored ribbon when Stanford made a good play, which made Cal fans pretty upset, so much so that they wanted to steal it."

Read the full piece HERE.