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Josh Garnett is one of the nation's best guards

The Cardinal's left guard is on his way to being an All-American

A lot of praise has been given to Christian McCaffrey this season, and with good reason. He is one of the best runners in the nation this year, and his future seems to be incredibly bright. But every great running back needs a stout offensive line. Stanford has provided McCaffrey with exactly that.

Stanford boasts what is arguably the best offensive line in collegiate football, and it is anchored by Josh Garnett. At 6'5, 321 pounds, the Washington native is everything an NFL team wants in a guard. He is massive, strong, and shockingly flexible and agile for such a large individual. He has the ability to line himself lower than any tackle every could, which gives him a great advantage prior to every snap. When McCaffrey breaks a run for 20 or more yards, it's usually Garnett that is paving the way.

I have watched every game that the Cardinal have played this season, and it's Garnett that jumps off to screen for me. He has a unique ability to pancake a tackle and immediately shift his focus to oncoming linebackers. Of the entire Stanford roster, I'd have to say that Garnett is the most NFL ready as of now. I fully anticipate him being drafted within the first two rounds.