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1) I am an NMSU fan, so I can look at Pac-12 rivalries from an unbiased perspective. I have seen enough to confirm that Stanford fans are nice, decent, polite, mature people, while Cal fans are most certainly not. Cardinal fans understand that this is, in the end, just a game, and not something worth investing so much negative emotion into. Stanford is first and foremost an academic institution. That’s what all schools are. "Hating" another school is not something anyone "has" to do. They choose not to be provoked by all of Cal’s garbage, which takes great strength of character. 2) Cal’s program is too mediocre to warrant much attention. Unlike Oregon fans, Stanford fans understand the concept of "bigger fish to fry".

Big Game 2015: McCaffrey, Cardinal Tame The Cal Bears: 35-22 - Rule Of Tree

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