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and the Axe stays where it belongs. The game plan worked; but it was a nerve-wracking game plan. Having been spoiled the past three years with a defense that could stuff basically any team and had the infamous party-in-the-backfield group, I was sweating on those bend-but-don’t-break drives. It was arguably the right strategy and worked; but it is frustrating to watch all those yards get gobbled up with all hopes posited on a red-zone stand. Just wish we had a more effective pass-rush. Goff often had far too much time; and he almost always finds a receiver in such situations. As for the offense, well, they also executed the game plan and answered when they needed to. It was clear that the Bears would have a hard time stopping McCaffrey; and the O-line ensured that he had plenty of holes to shoot through. The only really tenuous moment was when the Bears got that TD to pull within 5 points. The team responded brilliantly at that point and did what was necessary to put the game out of reach. Stanford has really nothing to lose next week; and the way ND played this Saturday against Boston College, I think we can move to 10-2 before the the Pac-12 championship game. One other anecdote: the five-year streak during which the winner of the Stanford-Oregon game has also won the Pac-12 is over. Oregon will conclude its regular season next Saturday against the Beavs, while Stanford will move on to the Pac-12 championship game. That is certainly some measure of redemption after last week’s 4th quarter fumble-fest. O, and the Ducks looked really good against USC. That team is dynamite on offense. Vernon Adams and his receivers are just lethal. The question now is: which of the LA schools do we get in the CCG? by Jeff Tarnungus

Big Game 2015: McCaffrey, Cardinal Tame The Cal Bears: 35-22 - Rule Of Tree

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