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Watch: Notre Dame vs Stanford 2015 Game Preview with Mark Rogers TV and Rule of Tree

Notre Dame is an underdog on the road against Stanford. The Cardinal have a trip to the Pac-12 Championship game secured. Here is a preview for Notre Dame vs Stanford.

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From "Stanford vs Notre Dame: The "OTHER" Rival":

"That brings us to the 30th meeting of the Legends Trophy this Saturday between 6th ranked Notre Dame against 9th ranked Stanford. If this game didn't already scream excitement being a rivalry, it has 2 top-10 teams battling it out for a potential playoff berth. And to top it off, Stanford has a chance to finally show off Heisman candidate Christian McCaffrey as Stanford is playing in a time slot that is primetime for the east coast viewers and voters."

From "Could Christian McCaffrey actually win the Heisman Trophy?":

"However, despite similar rushing numbers, McCaffrey's jack-of-all-trades, master of all style pushes him ahead of Henry. McCaffrey is a dynamic player, catching 34 catches for 416 yards and three scores, while also racking up 813 kickoff return yards. On the flip side, Henry has just 97 yards receiving.

McCaffrey brings a lot more to the table than just running alone, putting him on the cusp of breaking a vaunted record: Barry Sanders' NCAA single-season high water mark of 3,250 all-purpose yards in 1988, when he won the Heisman. McCaffrey needs just 444 yards in his remaining three games, and probably will break it by the time voters have to vote, which would be a huge boon to his campaign."