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Rose Bowl Preview - Iowa Hawkeyes vs Stanford Cardinal with Mark Rogers TV

In the College Football Playoff era it has become a consolation prize of sorts. Nevertheless, it's still unique, special and elite. It's the Rose Bowl pitting two the nation's Top 6 teams in Iowa and Stanford. Nick Dempsey of joins MarkRogersTV to try to find a difference between two very similar, solid, hard working teams.

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"On a per drive basis, we get more evidence that both units are very talented on this side of the ball, but Stanford's offense seems to be a little stronger. The Cardinal are literally a top five team in the country in all five of those per drive categories shown above. Points per value drive (points scored on drives starting in your own territory that reach at least your opponent's 30) is their worst category, but their overall points per drive total is just fine thanks to their insane ability to score points on long drives (drives that start inside your own 20). Even on drives where they don't score, they still tally a bunch of yards in the process. But they score, and they usually score touchdowns when they do put points on the scoreboard.

As for Iowa, their bend-don't-break defense is good at keeping points (particularly touchdowns) off the scoreboard, while making it difficult for their opponents to put together long scoring drives against them. The Hawkeyes are above average in every defensive per-drive category, but they don't appear to have a distinct advantage over Stanford's offense in any one area."