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Patrick Skov transferring from Stanford to Georgia Tech: What does it mean for the Cardinal?

The powerful back is set to join the Orange Bowl champion Yellow Jackets

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford running back Patrick Skov, the younger brother of Shayne Skov, announced on Twitter that he will be transferring to Georgia Tech, where he'll pursue an MBA and play on the football team.

Skov's full statement:

Skov primarily played fullback in his four seasons on the Farm - he did get a few goal line carries in 2014, scoring touchdowns against USC, Arizona State, Oregon State and Oregon - but he'll likely get the chance to carry the ball a lot more at Georgia Tech. Skov will play "B Back" in the Yellow Jackets' triple option offense, where he'll line up directly behind the QB and pound the middle of the field.

It's a good fit for Skov - who will undoubtedly see his playing time go up - and a great fit for the defending Orange Bowl champions, who need powerful runners to do the dirty work running between the A gaps.

From Stanford's perspective, the Cardinal does lose a power back who would have provided some depth at both fullback and tailback, but I get the sense that Skov's transfer indicates that David Shaw will use a less power-based offensive system this fall.

With Christian McCaffrey getting the lion's share of the reps at tailback and an offensive line that isn't particularly deep, I don't think the Cardinal were going to commit to the heavy sets that were used so frequently when Toby Gerhart or Tyler Gaffney was carrying the ball. Instead, the focus will be on spreading the ball around to a group of athletic backs, tight ends and receivers that oozes athleticism.

So while Skov's departure probably doesn't mean a whole lot for the Cardinal's depth chart - Daniel Marx is now slated to be the top dog at fullback - it might provide a clue into just how Stanford will attack opposing teams this fall.