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Treyjohn Butler Commits to Stanford

Stanford brings on 4-star cornerback Treyjohn Butler.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

California defensive cornerback, Treyjohn Butler, recently committed to playing for the Cardinals going into his senior year. Special teams coordinator, Pete Alamar, successfully recruited Treyjohn Butler from a seven other programs that extended Butler an offer including Cal, Arizona State, and Illinois. Making his decision the day before his birthday, this rising senior can now add this to the plethora of things he has to celebrate today.

Treyjohn Butler is a 5'11" 190 pound defensive back out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Member of the 2016 graduating class, Butler intends to begin his high-school senior career in the fall and showcase the potential talent he can provide the Stanford defense upon arrival.

Butler's clean tackling technique and his ability to lock onto a specific player only compliments his dangerous speed and hard impact on collision. He is light off of the ground and channels an undisturbed focus during gameplay that makes him an exceptional candidate for any defensive back position