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2015 Stanford Football: David Shaw speaks to the media

Stanford Coach David Shaw spoke to the media about the depth chart and Northwestern but not about Michael Rector's suspension.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

"We have to play our defense"

-David Shaw

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"Rector will play"

-Shaw on Michael Rector

"He's not a very vocal guy but he's a lead by example guy

- Shaw on Brennan Scarlett

"That is a not great question, that I am not going to answer . . . why would I unblur that line for you? . . .you need to have some blurred lines in your life, it is good for you, it builds character"

-Shaw responding to a reporter who appeared to be fishing for more information about Rector's suspension.

"They are extremely well-coached, I think they play really well together . . . they play hard, they play physical, and they play 'till the end"

-Shaw discussing Northwestern

"You better be able to keep up with their tempo . . . this is our first tempo test of the year"

-Shaw discussing Northwestern

"Cal offensively is different than us but we still spread people out periodically we'll change personnel grouping and change formations"

-Shaw on if the Northwestern Cal game tape was applicable here.