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Stanford in the NFL: Week 1 Rookie Report

Several Stanford Cardinal players made their NFL debut on Sunday, here is how they performed.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Henry Anderson

Henry Anderson and his fellow Colts teammates lost to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. The game was not even remotely close after the start of the game. With that being said, the rookie defensive end had an extraordinary game in his NFL debut. Anderson recorded nine tackles (eight of which were solo) and also recorded three tackles for a loss. While Anderson was a part of the 27-14 stomping he did manage to come out with a .3 grade by Pro Football Focus. This was the only positive grade on the Colts' defense in week 1.

David Parry

David Parry was another Colt's rookie who made his NFL debut Sunday. Parry is an interesting story because he was actually a walk-on at Stanford. When the 2015 NFL Draft came along he had hopes to be a late draft pick, but ended up going undrafted. Parry went from being a walk-on to a 5th-round pick to the Colts' starting nose tackle. During the Bills game, Parry recorded only one tackle, but hey, it was one more than Vontae Davis.

Ty Montgomery

With Jordy Nelson being injured, one could assume Ty Montgomery would at least get a target or reception in week one. One could assume that. Alas, Ty went without a reception or target in his NFL debut, but he was a monster on special teams. Ty is the starting kick returner for the Green Bay Packers, and the backup punt returner. In the Packers week won 31-23 win over the Chicago Bears, Ty had three kick returns for 106 yards. And for those of you who haven't figured out his yards per return, it was 35.3. Not a bad start for Ty, but expect him to be used more in the passing game in the coming weeks.

Others who did not play: Andrus Peat, Jordan Richards, Alex Carter, AJ Tarpley, James Vaughters

Bonus Report

Andrew Luck

As I have said earlier in this article, the Colts got demolished in their week one matchup. Andrew Luck was one of the main reasons of this thwarting. Luck went 26 for 49 with 243 yards, which is just above 50% completion. This wasn't the problem; the problem was his 2 interceptions in the game. One of which was in the 1st quarter while the game was still level. Give credit to the Bills defense though, Rex Ryan has already made his impact defensively and it showed against one of the best QBs in the NFL. This was not an ideal start to Luck's season, but it was only week one and Luck will bounce back.