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Pac-12 Breakdown Episode 22: Pat Haden, Recruiting and Quarterback competitions

As always we spoke with Mark Rogers TV about that latest in Pac-12 Football. This episode featured Pat Haden's retirement and health, recruiting and quarterback battles from around the conference.

For more great college football discussion check out Mark Rogers TV on YouTube.

Coach David Shaw's statements regarding the quarterback competition at Stanford:

"With one guy two years in and one guy three years in they are in the meat of the offense, they get it. Both guys can go out there and operate the game plan. To what extent? Well, we're going to find out. Because we're going to give them a great opportunity this Spring to really get out there and play but in training camp we're going to overload them and we're going to see how much they can take and then before we play a game we'll back off and see how it goes. You guys know from a few years ago, I'm not going to give you daily or weekly updates. It's just not going to happen. It's going to be a long-term project before we either one, announce a starter or number two, say 'hey you know what, we're going to play two quarterbacks. Only these guys' productions will bear out exactly what we do and exactly when we make that decision but I don't anticipate it happening before 10 days before we play the first game. It's not going to stop you guys from asking, I know that, but don't anticipate me making any declarations more than 10 days or so before the first game of the year."