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Stanford Men's Basketball: Cardinal recruit Trevor Stanback

Rule of Tree's Charlie Foy had the opportunity to speak with Stanford Men's Basketball recruit Trevor Stanback.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

When Trevor Stanback is around the ball, he's not afraid to embarrass his opponents. His high school, Maranatha, played their first CIF game Wednesday night against Paraclete, who they beat easily 65-46. With the ball in his hands, Trevor posterized his opponents with multiple dunks. In one instance on an inbound pass, Trevor caught the ball and dunked over his opponent for an alley-oop making the crowd go wild. Defensively, Trevor was constantly on the prowl looking to block a shot or make a steal. When an opponent enters his zone and puts up a shot, Trevor can either block his shot or force a miss. Stanford basketball commit, Trevor Stanback, will cause his opponents terror as a member of the Stanford Cardinal.

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Standing at 6'10 and a half inches, Trevor looked up to Tim Duncan and LeBron James growing up because of their basketball ability and their character as a person. In Trevor's recent CIF game, he seemed to be similar to Duncan defensively. Showing his experience as a player, Trevor led his team on the court by instructing them where to go in the zone, and he supported his teammates even when he was not on the court. Secondly, Trevor seems to be very skilled defensively. In a recent interview, Trevor said:

"I block and challenge a lot of shots as well as rebound and defend [...] The best part of my game is probably blocking shots. I can time them pretty well."

On the season, Trevor is averaging 3.5 blocks per game. As a member of the Stanford Cardinal, Trevor hopefully will be able to contribute immediately to a Stanford team looking for defensive help down low with Michael Humphrey leading the team with only 1.3 blocks per game.

Offensively, Trevor hopes to improve while at Stanford. He has a proven low post game and dunking ability but wants to become a better shooter and a better ball handler. If Trevor can fine tune those skills, he aspires to make it to the NBA one day. However, Trevor wants to be a good teammate and contribute to the team in anyway possible. Trevor hopes to help the team make the NCAA tournament and wishes to eventually "become a role player and collectively lead the team to winning a lot of games." Maybe, Trevor will be the next great Stanford center that leads Stanford far into March Madness like the Collins and Lopez twins.

Picking Stanford was a no-brainer for Trevor stating:

"There was no way I could pass up a Stanford education. The knowledge and experience comes from everywhere, whether it be from the professors or the coaches. I know Stanford can prepare and develop me as a player and as a student that reaches far beyond the life of basketball. Everything on my official visit was great. Coach Dawkins and the coaching staff were really genuine and were invested in helping the players develop on and off the court. The players are high character guys that are disciplined and know how to play together. I knew then that I would fit in well there."

Trevor will not only be an athlete at Stanford but a student as well because he values education. While at Stanford, Trevor plans on studying psychology. Like most student-athletes at Stanford, Trevor realizes the importance of a Stanford education.

As tall as Trevor is, he believes he can still grow. Doctors predict him to get to seven feet, and in basketball, taller is better. As Trevor grows, hopefully his basketball skills will grow and improve as well. Going forward, Trevor will be a presence on the court, and you never know, Trevor could be the next great Stanford center.