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Stanford football recruiting: Quarterback Davis Mills Firmly Commits to the Farm

Stanford picks up their 5th commit of the #CardClass17

Davis Mills picked Stanford on Tuesday
Davis Mills picked Stanford on Tuesday
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Even though it is basketball season, Stanford's football team is still making the national spotlight. Stanford has picked up their quarterback for its 2017 recruiting campaign, and dang is he elite. Davis Mills chose Stanford over schools such as, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona State.

Davis Mills is from Norcross, Georgia but instead of going to powerhouse Norcross High School, he attended a private school by the name of Greater Atlanta Christian School. During his junior season, Mills threw for over 2800 yards, while completing just under 60% of his passes, and accounted for 28 passing TDs. Even though he is technically a pro-style QB, he also ran for 577 yards and 14 TDs.

Mills is a highly rated quarterback. He is ranked as the 4th best pro-style QB according to 247sports, the 8th best pro-style QB in ESPN's rankings, and #2 rated pro-style QB according to Rivals. Stanford has been on a tear this 2017 recruiting cycle. Mills is their 3rd 4-star commit (RB Sione Heimuli-Lund and TE Colby Parkinson are the other two) and this recruiting season has barely even started. Mills commitment pushed Stanford to the second best class in the Pac-12 and skyrocketed Stanford up to the 13th ranked class in the nation.

Looking at Mill's measurables, he stands at 6-3 and weighs about 190lbs. His height allows him to put on more weight and he should try to come into college weighing about 210lbs, but that is easier said than done. Since he doesn't have the bulk, he doesn't have the most powerful arm so the ball comes out a little lofty. He can throw a deep ball it just doesn't have a zip to it. Also, he is an in-between pro-style and dual threat passer because he isn't fast enough to be a dual threat, but Hogan had that same tag placed on him when he was in high school and it worked out all right.

Being comfortable in the pocket is such a hard feat to accomplish especially in high school because of the inconsistent linemen. Mills seems to have that down. When edge rushers beat the offensive tackle, he stays calm and collected and delivers a strike to a receiver. Another skill that goes along with being comfortable in the pocket is his awareness. He knows when rushers are coming and when it is time for him to bolt and try to pick up some yards on his feet. He is athletic and quick enough to evade pass rushers and secondary members when he has to leave the pocket.

The greatest part of his game, is the way he keeps his eyes downfield. He doesn't look to run when he is scrambling out of the pocket, like most quarterbacks do nowadays. With such a spread heavy offensive system in college football, most quarterbacks just look to run when the going gets tough, but not Mills. He keeps his head up while avoiding defenders. Being able to accurately pass on the move is another skill Mills possess. His coaches call some QB bootlegs, or rollouts and he fluidly hits his mark, which aids him when he actually has to run from pressure. Being able to accurately pass while escaping defenders is one of the main reasons he is such an elite talent.

Stanford has carried over the momentum of the great 2016 class to the 2017 recruiting trail. They scooped up a quarterback for the future in Mills. He shows great mobility, athletic ability, and accuracy on the field. It will be interesting to see if he will pass up K.J. Costello when Mills arrives in Palo Alto a few years down the road.

Check out Davis Mills highlights courtesy of Hudl: