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Stanford Men's Basketball: Arizona Wildcats thump the Cardinal

Stanford Men's basketball had a tough afternoon against Arizona.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford fans, you should forget Saturday's game ever happened because Stanford basketball was embarrassed on national television. They lost 94-62 to the Arizona Wildcats, and from the beginning of the game, Stanford never had a chance.

Stanford had a cold streak of shooting the entire game. From behind the arc, Stanford made only two shots on 9.5 percent shooting, and from the field, shot 38.5 percent. With such poor numbers, Stanford was never a threat in the game because of it. Secondly, Marcus Allen, and Michael Humprhey had pretty good games with sixteen and fourteen points while Rosco Allen scored sixteen as well but shot the ball a total twenty two times from the court and made only four shots. Meanwhile, recent standout, Dorian Pickens, had a bad game as well. He scored only eight points and shot the ball poorly too. Bad games happen, and today was one of those days for Rosco Allen and Dorian Pickens.

For Arizona, one player stood out from the rest, and his name is Gabe York. As a senior guard, Gabe York shined in front of the home crowd, who cheered for him as he walked off Arizona's court for the final time. York scored a career high 32 points and dominated the entire game. As a team, Arizona made about fifty percent of their shots and seemed to score every time they had the ball. Arizona was unstoppable on offense, and Stanford couldn't slow them down.

No doubt Arizona is the better team. Stanford went into an expected tough game but didn't expect to play as bad as they did. If Stanford wants to win the PAC-12 tournament, they'll need to shoot the ball a lot better. Stanford will play next Wednesday in the PAC 12 tournament in Las Vegas. Their opponent is yet to be determined.