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The good and the bad of Stanford Stadium

Watching a Stanford football game live from Stanford Stadium is a wonderful experience.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In 2005, Stanford decided to tear down its enormous Stanford Stadium for a much needed new one. The old building had been accustomed to empty seats and some bad football throughout the years, but the new one seems full with fans and has competitive football being played in it. The old stadium was too big making it seem always half empty; while, the new one at times seems too small for sold out games. As a result of the new, smaller building, when you head to Stanford Stadium for a football game, you can pretty much expect two great things: a great game of football with a great seat.

At Stanford Stadium, the Cardinal always plays physical, and the fans can tell from their seats. Whether in the end zone, fifty yard line, or last row, you are always close to the action. Only holding 50,000 fans, you never seem to be more than forty rows up, compared to a hundred rows up in other, bigger stadiums. From forty rows up, fans don't need to depend on a giant, expensive video board but can watch the game they paid to see (though Stanford Stadium has a pretty nice video board as well).

When building their new stadium, Stanford most likely did not imagine it being too small. When the construction occurred, Stanford was a lowly PAC-12 team struggling to sell tickets. No one wanted to see Stanford games, but shortly after the new stadium was completed, Stanford upset number #1 USC. That upset was the beginning of a Stanford football turn around that resulted in multiple Pac-12 Championships. Suddenly, fans wanted to see the Cardinal play, and as a result, tickets are sometimes sold out for big games. At times, the small stadium is a bummer when you struggle to find tickets for a game.

Even with a sold out crowd, it never seems like it. Ever wondered why the stadium is referred to as the "library"? Opposing fans will tell you it is because the stadium is so quiet. For some, quiet games are nice and pleasant, but for opposing players, they are great. Quiet stadiums are easy to play in for opposing teams. A smaller stadium makes it difficult to make the place annoying, loud, and difficult for opposing teams.

If you haven't visited Stanford Stadium for a game, I urge you to go this upcoming season because it's a great experience. No matter where you sit, you'll have a great view at the action, but do the Stanford team a favor, get up, get loud, and get those around you to do it too.

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