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Aziz Shittu signs with the Philadelphia Eagles as an Undrafted Free Agent

The first-team All-Pac-12 defensive lineman from Stanford will now get his shot in the NFL.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford Defensive Lineman Aziz Shittu will continue his career in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. Shittu went undrafted but signed as an undrafted free agent with Eagles shortly after the draft ended. Shittu was notably snubbed from an invite to the NFL combine and projected to be selected in the later rounds or not drafted at all. Shittu dealt with a major knee injury while at Stanford and many scouts believe he does not have the size nor speed to be an elite defensive lineman in the NFL. Shittu is a hard worker, however, and his 'motor' is near-universally praised. Shittu is a smart player who works hard and has plenty of potential.

From our Scouting report:

"The 2016 Defensive MVP of the Rose Bowl has been described as an "energizer bunny" that uses his athleticism to make up for the lack of true size of a Defensive Tackle. Shittu is an interesting case as his career at Stanford was cut short in 2014 due to a severe knee injury, and he has been marred with several injuries throughout his time on the farm. Shittu is known as a "tweener" as he does not have the explosive speed to be an every down edge pass rusher, yet he does not have the size to be a true every down Defensive Tackle. Shittu makes up for his lack of size with his ferocity on the field, and ability to make the big play - just ask the Iowa Hawkeyes. Look for teams to take a chance on Shittu later in the draft on Day 3, and hope he develops over a few seasons.
Projection - Round 6"

From his NFL.Com Scouting Report:

"Shittu posted some eye-­catching tackles for loss numbers this season for the Cardinal and there are flash moments that force you to make a projection value on him over tape value. His instincts inside are below average and his lack of pass rush is a concern considering his body type isn't a natural fit for an NFL interior. While Shittu is considered an ascending prospect in some circles, it’s hard to find a position or a trait that can get you excited and his final destination may be a run­-only base end in a 4­-3."

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