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Stanford's 23 Medals in Rio Is as Many as Cal Has Gotten... Ever.

Stanford single-handedly defeated the Italian water polo team to jump up to 23 medals.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford once again proved its dominance in women's water polo, as the four Stanford athletes representing Team USA scored more goals than the entire Italian team... combined. In the United States' 12-5 rout of Italy in the gold medal round, Stanford combined for 7 goals. The entire Italian team got only 5.

With Stanford's dominance in the pool, Team USA has now won the gold medal in women's water polo in back to back Olympics, and Stanford athletes alone are up to 11 medals in the five Olympics that the sport has been existence.

Melissa Seidmann, Kiley Neushul, Mackenzie Fischer, and Team USA captain Maggie Steffens each took home a gold, and boosted Stanford's total medal count to 23.

The 23 medals that Stanford has won so far is the most medals Cal has gotten in a single Olympics... ever. Should Stanford win two more medals, it would also match Stanford's best year at an Olympics (25 medals in Beijing, 2008).

If Stanford were a country, its gold medals in nine events would be tied for the seventh-best country in the world, only behind: the US (37), Great Britain (24), China (22), Germany (14), Russia (13), and Japan (12),