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An Open Letter to East Coast Heisman Voters from a Stanford fan

To all of those folks who have early deadlines and early bedtimes

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Dear East Coast Heisman Voters,

Since the end of December, many have suppressed feelings about a notable college football travesty: your snub of Christian McCaffrey as the 2015 Heisman Trophy winner. However, as diehard fans of Stanford football, we have been silent long enough. It has come time for us to air our grievances.

In all seriousness, Alabama's Derrick Henry was a good choice to win the most prestigious award a collegiate football player can receive after his 395-carry performance last fall. Nevertheless, most of us wish you would be more flexible with your sleeping schedule.

Let us explain.

Because of the time zone in which they are located, eight of the twelve Pac-12 member institutions play most of their primetime football games into the wee hours of the night, with kickoff usually coming around 10 or 10:30 p.m. Eastern time, which guarantees them little exposure on the East Coast.

For example, the Cardinal kicked off seven 2015 matchups after 10 p.m. Eastern time, with only three of them beginning precisely inside the East Coast prime-time television window. We sincerely hope this will not deter you from noticing the level of elite talent and effort our team exhibits on the field at Stanford Stadium.

However, there are more reasons which explain why we have become increasingly incensed. One is this: a snub like this has happened before. Actually, it has happened three times before 2015.

Toby Gerhart lost out to another prominent Crimson Tide running back (Mark Ingram) in 2009 and Andrew Luck, who was the nation's best quarterback based on stats and record, lost twice in consecutive years (2010 and 2011) to two other quarterbacks in Cam Newton and Robert Griffin. Both Gerhart and Luck, like McCaffrey, also finished second.

And we haven't even discussed McCaffrey's skills on the field yet.

Seriously, we are talking about a rising junior who stole the single season mark for most all-purpose yards away from the great Barry Sanders, who was also a Heisman Trophy winner in 1988. Barry. Sanders. McCaffrey's mix of speed, hands and vision, along with an unmatched athletic pedigree all combine to create the most versatile college football player the sport has seen in years.

Yes, the Cardinal have other exciting offensive players as well, but McCaffrey's explosiveness and unpredictability are what fans and media types alike continue to salivate over. It is also why the workhorse running back should finish second to none in the Heisman race this year.

You can babble on about Leonard Fournette and Deshaun Watson, Dalvin Cook and Baker Mayfield, but never (save for a very ill-timed injury) forget about McCaffrey.

In closing, we charge you all with this: in this grueling yet exciting twelve-game regular season, make a concerted effort to give a game featuring Stanford a shot. If we were you, we'd make it easy on ourselves and choose the Cardinal's season opener against Kansas State. Kickoff is an early one, scheduled for Friday, Sept. 2 at 8 p.m. Central time on Fox Sports 1, which means 9 P.M. Eastern time. That way, even with overtime, your hotel room is quiet by midnight...Eastern.

Soon enough, you may find yourself gobbling up Stanford football just like Christian McCaffrey devours his steady diet of PAC-12 defenses week after week.

We hope you fully consider adopting our point of view, and wish you all good luck at your respective media outlets.

Thank you and Go Card,