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The College Five: Week Three

This is pretty weak @NCAA

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 01 AAC Championship Game - UCF v Memphis Photo by Joe Petro/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The college slate is pretty weak... ok, really weak... ok, it is extremely weak and the start of while the 2019 season has held some riveting games, the year’s cup runneth over with mediocre matchups.

But together, we can push through until hitting conference play. There is meat on these bones yet, friends, so here is The College Five:

Record: 6-4

Stanford Cardinal vs. (17) UCF Knights - UCF favored by 7.5

Stanford is in a lot of trouble. In a considerable loss to USC (a J.T Daniels-less USC, mind you), Stanford showed they could not control a game at the line of scrimmage when the opponent has excellent skill position talent, nor can they score with a team that has said talent.

UCF is favored by only 2.5 points, and I have no idea why. The Knights have the better quarterback in Dillion Gabriel, a balanced offense ( UCF average 309 passing yards and 325 rushing yards) and the ability to control the pace of the game.

The Knights are a superb scoring machine that has averaged 55 points per game early on this season. Stanford is finding their way down a long road, that holds a lot of stumbling. This game is a stumble.

UCF wins 38-27

(20) Washington State Cougars vs. Houston Cougars - Washington State favored by 8.5

This game is the last chance for the Cougars and D’Eriq King to claim fame in 2019. The hype was there for the taking; every article predicted King running into the Heisman as Houston took over the role of the frisky team outside the power-five.

Unfortunately, Houston’s defense is going to snuff out any chance they have at relevance. The Cougars allow 33 points per game, just one more than they score. The Cougars let up 12 — time to watch the dream die.

Washington State wins 42-20

South Dakota v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

(5) Oklahoma Sooners vs. UCLA Bruins - Oklahoma favored by 23.5

Chip Kelly is about to start 0-3 after a three-win season in Kelly’s debut season: A development that is shocking and wonderfully awful. The question of “Is Kelly a good coach when he does not have a rule change to exploit?” starts to creep into the back of your mind.

UCLA’s defense is abysmal, and the offense is no better, finding just 14 points each week.

Jalen Hurts already captured nine touchdowns leading an offense that averages 60 points per game. So let us all tune into the spiral of UCLA and Kelly together.

Oklahoma wins 55-10

(19) Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Iowa State Cyclones - Iowa favored by 2.5

Did you ever play pick up basketball against a team that did not feel intimidating? The type of team that is just trying for dunks when everyone else warms up, the kind that struggles against the scrappy squad on the court but gets bailed out by a fadeaway three?

Then the team that plays every Saturday shows up. They have all played together since the fourth grade; they know how each person dribbles, moves, and thinks. This team is sure to blow the swagger wagon team off the floor. Right? Nope! The kids jacking threes, playing loose and with nothing to lose takes home a win.

That team is Iowa State.

The Cyclones play some weird games until a ranked opponent is across the line and their quarterback has embodied that idea. Brock Purdy is 2-1 against ranked opponents, boasting all the necessary confidence lead his team to victory against Iowa.

Iowa State wins 27-20

(1) Clemson Tigers vs. Syracuse Orange - Clemson favored by 27.5

For some reason, the revamped Orange football team has found a way to agitate the championship-caliber Tigers over the past two years.

Syracuse is 1-1 against Clemson, with a total scoring of 51-50, and both games, decided by less than a touchdown.

Syracuse is the only program in the ACC, giving Clemson that type of trouble. They are also the only ACC team to hold Clemson to within four points or less.

They have the juice to make this game the watch of the week, by hanging with the Tigers on the line of scrimmage and making the game ugly.

Clemson wins 19-14