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Connor Wedington declares for 2021 NFL Draft

Go get ‘em #5!

University of California-Berkeley v Stanford Football

[Editor’s Note: I had prewritten a few stories with news that I thought “could happen,” and with Wedington’s declaration, we’ve reached the first of those.]

Stanford Cardinal WR Connor Wedington has officially declared for the 2021 NFL Draft, sending a heartfelt message to the Cardinal faithful in the process. Wedington hauled in a combined 106 receptions during his time at The Farm for 971 yards and a touchdown.

Wedington’s biggest impact early on in the NFL may be his ability on the receiving end of kicks as he was named Honorable Mention in the Pac-12 in 2019 and returned 25 career kicks for 685 yards. He led the Pac-12 with 28.1 yards per return this past season.

“If you know me, you understand two things about me: I am passionate about growing and positively impacting people. I’m excited to see what the future holds because I truly believe God has a plan for me that is way beyond my scope of vision.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always been a dream chaser. I’ve worked relentlessly towards every goal I set; I’ve noticed three things that seem to occur in every chapter of life:

1.) There are going to be many highs and lows throughout your journey. So embrace it, find the positive in every experience (because there is one)

2.) Time goes by way too fast. So live in the moment & enjoy life. Also, understand that consistency is the key to success.

3.) New relationships are waiting to be formed everywhere, so connect with people. Life is about relationships. At one moment in your life, your closest friend, coworker, even sibling was once a stranger, so always be open to others.

I’d like to thank God for making this all possible, my family and friends for being so supportive, my coaches and mentors for the things y’all have taught me in ball and life. And lastly, I’d like to thank my teammates, the bond we have created will last forever.

With faith, an amazing support system, and a burning desire for success, anything is attainable. Therefore I am excited to announce my declaration to the 2021 NFL Draft. #CincoOut”

Congratulations on a great Stanford career, Connor! We wish you nothing but the best moving forward!