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Chase Thomas Draft Video: Where will the linebacker end up?

The outside linebacker has been one of Stanford's best players for years, but he's seen as a mid-round pick by draftniks

Another day, another video courtesy of Chase Thomas hasn't made many waves this offseason in preparation for the NFL draft, but he's been one of Stanford's best players for years now and will almost certainly hear his name called on day two of the draft.

Luckily for Chase, he's put excellent production on tape for the last three years, and even earned high praise from's Andy Staples yesterday, who compared Thomas to Oregon's Dion Jordan, who is seen as a top-5 pick:

This obviously isn't a perfect system, and rarely do we get such a perfect head-to-head comparison. But when other factors are equal, I'm still taking the guy who produced more. Which explains why I would skip Dion Jordan, save my money and draft Chase Thomas. Anyone who watched the Pac-12 the past few years knows exactly what Thomas can do. The draftniks who only read first-round mocks probably have no idea who Thomas is... Stanford's Thomas (6-4, 248) will go three to four rounds after Jordan, and all Thomas did -- playing against the same offensive lines as Jordan -- was get in the backfield more often (14.5 TFL, 7.5 sacks).

A good fit would be any NFL team that plays a 3-4 defense and needs depth at linebacker. With that in mind, the Jets, Saints and Browns would be good fits for Thomas to step in and play significant snaps in his rookie year.

If you're looking for more videos of Chase, check out his games against Washington, UCLA and Notre Dame.

What do you think - where would you like to see Chase end up?