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Zach Ertz is a Philadelphia Eagle

The big tight end joins Gang Green in Philly

Steve Dykes

The NFL Draft creates interesting bedfellows. Jim Harbaugh and LaMichael James. Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman. Now, Chip Kelly and Zach Ertz join that group.

With the 35th pick in the NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles picked Ertz - their first-round pick was offensive tackle Lane Johnson - and immediately added an extra element to their offense.

Of course, it's impossible to think about this pick without mentioning that Ertz was the guy who scored the game-tying touchdown against Oregon last fall - the guy who ruined Chip Kelly's national title hopes in 2012 is now an Eagle.

There will be a lot in flux in Philly this offseason with Kelly's big changes on offense, but Ertz is now on a team with a ton of offensive playmakers and he'll have a chance to add his physicality and pass-catching ability right away. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Lesean McCoy and Zach Ertz in an Oregon-style offense could be very fun to watch right away.

Here's hoping Kelly and Ertz can put all of their history behind them and work together - so far it hasn't slowed down the Seahawks or the 49ers.