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Can Stanford's Power Run Game Exploit the UCLA Defense?

This may be the last time in a while that the entire nation is watching Stanford. Can Stanford make the best of it?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight may be the last time Stanford faces a ranked team until the final game of the season (against Notre Dame), and this may be the last chance until then that Stanford has a chance to impress while the entire nation is watching. With three of UCLA's top defensive players out for this game, UCLA has looked particularly vulnerable on the defensive side of the ball, but will that be enough for Stanford to put in a big showing? Can Stanford make a big show on the national stage by using its power run game to exploit the battered UCLA defense? Host Matt Vassar talks a bit about this, as well as the recent comments by UCLA head coach Jim Mora on how back-to-back Thursday night games undermine the notion of the student-athlete. Even despite the sham of the "student"-athlete set up by the NCAA, David Shaw has created a culture at Stanford that values both the student and the athlete.

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