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Stanford Cardinal at Colorado Buffaloes: Rule of Tree Staff Predictions

The Rule of Tree staff shares their predictions for Stanford at Colorado.

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Matt Vassar: Stanford 35, Colorado 20. Christian McCaffrey will run right into the record books in this game against Colorado. Right now, Christian McCaffrey has a streak of six consecutive games with at least 100 rushing yards. If he continues the streak against Colorado, he will tie a school record set by the great Toby Gerhart. With Colorado offering one of the weakest defenses Stanford has faced all season long, I don't see the Buffs stopping either Christian McCaffrey or the Stanford Cardinal.

Click below to hear Matt preview the game against Colorado in greater depth on Cardinal CounTree:

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TonyFernandesSports: Stanford 31, Colorado 17. The Buffaloes are improved from prior years as QB Sefo Liufau has become more confident under center. I think the Buffaloes will try and emulate what WSU did and it will be close until the 3rd quarter; then the "ogre" package of the offensive line will just be too much. The Buffaloes are going to struggle in containing McCaffrey, Sanders, and Love in the 2nd half. Look for another 200 yard rushing-200 yard passing performance from the Cardinal offense.

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Ben Leonard: Stanford 34, Colorado 17 The Buffaloes aren't as bad as they used to be, but they're still no juggernaut. An early kickoff, Colorado stacking the box against McCaffrey, and some high altitude weirdness will keep this game close in the early going. However, after Shaw makes some of his typical adjustments, Stanford will cruise on to a victory. Stanford is the more physical team, and ultimately Colorado won't have the personnel to keep up with them.

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Tim Eckert-Fong: Stanford 42 Colorado 17: In a game that's not as close as the score, Stanford's big plays doom the Buffs early. Stanford's defense gives up a few plays as well, but it won't be enough to overcome McCaffrey and the offense.

Sean Levy: Coming into the game, Colorado owns the worst run defense in the Pac-12. This is a matchup made in heaven for Stanford and their #1 Pac-12 rushing attack. This will be the second time this year that time might be in effect. I suspect they will not come out flat against Colorado as they did against Northwestern. Final Score: 38-10

Nerdnation23: Stanford 42 Colorado 24. Colorado left its heart in Los Angeles and playing with no heart against a very good Stanford team that is coming off a bad performance is not good. Christian "White Mamba" McCaffrey will play great in a homecoming game.