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Why Isn't Christian McCaffrey the Heisman Favorite?

Derrick Henry is the prohibitive favorite to win the Heisman tomorrow night, especially after taking home both the Doak Walker Award and the Maxwell Award last night. But why isn't McCaffrey the favorite to win the Heisman when he had the best season in college football?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In this edition of Cardinal CounTree, Matt Vassar discusses why Christian McCaffrey is the underdog to Derrick Henry for the Heisman Trophy tomorrow night, and even despite having a better season than anybody else in college football. He covers the Heisman campaigns of both Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry, and completely demolishes any argument for why Derrick Henry should win the Heisman.

Get in the CounTree. Click below to listen to Cardinal CounTree.