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Did Stanford Have a Claim to the College Football Playoff?

Stanford's #6 ranking put it right on the cusp of the 4-team College Football Playoffs, and many agreed that Stanford did not deserve a spot in the top four. But maybe we shouldn't react so quickly because the answer just might be a bit more nuanced than we all realize...

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In this edition of Cardinal CounTree, Matt Vassar discusses whether the Cardinal had a legitimate claim to make the playoffs. Also, with three Pac-12 championships in the past four years, is Stanford a dynasty? To finish the show, he wonders if David Shaw belongs in the conversation along with Nick Saban and Urban Meyer of premiere coaches across the country.

Get in the CounTree. Click below to listen to Cardinal CounTree.

Note: The article referenced in this episode is available here.