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Stanford DB Wayne Lyons Reportedly Confirms Transfer to Michigan

No official confirmation yet, but it seems that the rumors of Wayne Lyons’ transfer were more than just rumors

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Several weeks ago the University of Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh to be their next head football coach. Shortly thereafter Harbaugh reportedly attempted to hire Stanford's strength and conditioning Coach Shannon Turley. Turley turned down the offer to work for his old boss in order to stay on the Farm.

Michigan was understandably unable to haul in a huge recruiting class for 2015 while the Cardinal brought in a class loaded with talent in the defensive backfield. Then rumors broke that Wayne Lyons was considering transferring to Michigan. Soon after the transfer rumors began, it was announced that Wayne Lyons mother was hired by the Michigan athletic department.

Now it appears as though the rumors of Lyons' transfer were more than just rumors.

Lyons Confirmed?

According to Chris Balas of Rivals, Lyons is preparing to transfer to Michigan. Unfortunately the full article is behind a pay wall but reposted the relevant quote from the Rivals article:

Lyons confirmed his plans to transfer to Michigan.

"Midterms have my attention, but yes, there is some truth to the rumors," Lyons said via text Feb. 9, adding he planned to report June after graduation. "I'm looking into taking a visit before then."

While it certainly appears as though Lyons will be transferring, we still have not heard any official confirmation from Wayne Lyons, nor either of the schools. As always, we will be keeping an eye on this this story and update you when we get confirmation.