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Four-star OLB Curtis Robinson Commits to Stanford

#CardClass2016 gains another high valued recruit early in the recruiting year

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Stanford's recruiting is on a hot streak with the new linebacker commit. Curtis Robinson announced via Twitter that he would be attending Stanford, in the fall of 2016, to continue his football career. ( Among the Stanford offer, Robinson also had offers from USC, UCLA, and Notre Dame. Robinson has not taken any of his official visits yet, so he will still be shopping other colleges during this next season.

In an interview Robinson said he chose Stanford because of the academic prestige saying, "A degree from Stanford is one of the best in the world". Later on in the interview he also mentions the outstanding linebacker products (Chase Thomas, Trent Murphy, and Shane Skov) Stanford has produced over the past few years as another reason why he chose to commit to play on the Farm.

Even though Robinson is still only a junior he is very small. Being 6’3 and 205lbs in high school might give him an advantage, but in college he will severely be at a disadvantage. He still does have one more year to bulk up, but he will have to put on another 15-20lbs if he wants to be able to compete.

His size is a concern, but his quickness and speed are not. Robinson's first and second steps routinely let him maneuver his way into the offensive backfield. His speed is one of the main reasons why he is a top 10 OLB and a highly sought after recruit. Below are Robinson's junior year highlights, courtesy of Hudl: