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Stanford recruiting: Treyjohn Butler joins an already stacked Stanford Class

Another recruit is headed to the Farm

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Stanford adds another extraordinary recruit in CB Treyjohn Butler. Butler had other offers from ASU, Northwestern, and UC-Berkley. Butler just recently committed on August 14th adding to Stanfords eight 4-star recruits. With now nine 4-star recruits, Stanford's 2016 recruiting class is within one spot of a top ten class and they are only two spots behind USC. Butler reigns from Rancho Cucamonga, CA and he attended the same school as Bengal's WR Marvin Jones (Etiwanda). Butler will be joining fellow 4-star recruit David Long Jr. and 3-star Nigel Edmonds as the only cornerbacks in this class. The 2016 class looks like one of the best in Stanford history, let's hope the recruits keep coming in.

Butler's size is a great weapon to utilize especially since receivers are becoming taller. Some examples of taller wideouts who have made it into the NFL the last two years: Darren Waller (Georgia Tech), Mike Evans (Texas A&M), and Kelvin Benjamin (Florida State). He is listed at 5'11.5 which can be rounded up to 6'0 in cleats and weighs about 190lbs. He is already built like a college corner and he doesn't need to put on any weight. Butler has the size and the weight to be able to make it onto the Farm, but that isn't the only thing this corner needs to have.

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Now it is time to dissect Treyjohn's junior year highlights. His highlight tapes were a little bit underwhelming for me. First of all the selection of highlights were a little comical. He added short plays of him blocking a defenseless receiver and a blindside hit on a kickoff. The oddness of the plays were not the only plays I didn't like. I didn't like how slow Butler ran and according to 247sports, Butler runs a 4.64 40-yard dash. He is slow in pursuit of the ball carrier and he is also slow when he is in coverage. The only way he keeps up with the receivers is his long strides and his physicality. That brings me to my next point. Butler is a physical corner; this fits perfectly with the Stanford D. He is always up on the line of scrimmage pushing the receivers off their routes and eventually disrupting the timing between the quarterback and the wide receiver. Another great aspect of Butler's style of play is his strength. He is a surefire tackler with the ability to force fumbles. His strength and speed remind me of an old Oregon State cornerback by the name of Brandon Browner. They are both hard hitters and are slow, but, with any luck, Butler will follow in Browner's footsteps.