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USC/Stanford Should Be Considered THE Rivalry in the Pac-12

Forget about Stanford-Cal. And forget about UCLA-USC. The most compelling rivalry in the Pac-12 is Stanford-USC.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Rule of Tree's Matt Vassar hosts a Stanford Sports radio show, Cardinal CounTree, on Cardinal Sports Radio, and this week he's joined by Rule of Tree site manager, Nick Dempsey. The episode starts with Matt contending that the biggest rivalry in the Pac-12 (and even the West Coast) is USC-Stanford. He goes into the crazy recent history between these two programs, and how each has spoiled each others season at various junctures. He's then joined by Rule of Tree site manager, Nick Dempsey, who shares incredible insights on both the Stanford and USC teams.

Give the show a listen and give your love in the comments section for not one but two Rule of Tree contributors.