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Stanford Stories September 18, 2015

Here are today’s best Stanford Cardinal links from around the web.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Great news! We are expanding. Now, onto the news.

One of Rule of Tree's newest writers Nicholas Valsalen discusses the importance of Kevin Hogan. Our own Matt Vassar's radio show Cardinal CounTree has a new episode out and Tony Fernandes spoke with our friends at Conquest Chronicles about what we can expect from the USC Trojans.

ESPN shares 5 things about the Stanford at USC matchup. ESPN's Jungkyu Lee also digs into the numbers.

The Stanford Athletic department shares something noteworthy as well as a reminder that rivalries are not all about just football.

The Stanford Daily examines the previous three meetings between USC and Stanford they also caught up with Andrew Luck.

USC and Stanford may be a big rivalry in California or in the West, but even the Washington Post is paying attention to this game, as is MSN and the Portland Tribune.

Lindy's Sports shares their preview of the USC and Stanford game.

Not sure what to watch this weekend, other than the Stanford game of course, well, great news, we have you covered with our weekly viewer guide. Our friends at The Solid Verbal also share their picks for all the big games this weekend.

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